No restrictions for travellers to Estonia from European countries with a 2-week infection rate of up to 75 cases per 100,000 people

In accordance with the recommendations of the European Union, the restrictions for people arriving in Estonia from EU or Schengen member state, the European Economic Area, or the United Kingdom are divided into three categories according to the risk level of the country from which the person arrives in Estonia.

A person may travel to Estonia without restrictions from European countries with a 14-day infection rate of 75 or fewer cases per 100,000 people. If the infection rate is in the range of 75–200, restrictions will not apply upon arrival in Estonia if the individual has a proof of vaccination against COVID-19, has previously been infected with the disease, or can provide a negative test result. Upon arrival in Estonia without a certificate, a COVID test must be performed after arrival in the country. Until the result is known, the individual must remain at their place of residence.

Upon arrival from a European country with an infection rate of more than 200, self-isolation must be imposed for 10 days, which can be shortened by two negative tests. A person who has completed a course of vaccination or has previously been infected with COVID-19 is exempt from these restrictions.

As of 2 August 2021, Italy is in the 75-200 category (infection rate 77,36) and Malta is in the more than 200 category (infection rate 490,12).

An unvaccinated minor aged 12–18 does not have to remain in self-isolation if they arrive in Estonia with a person from a European country with an infection rate higher than 75 and they give a negative test either before or immediately upon arrival in Estonia. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the self-isolation and testing requirement.

All passengers arriving in Estonia by plane (including children for whom the data is provided by their parent) must fill in the traveller’s questionnaire before arriving in Estonia. You can do this up to three days before arriving in Estonia.

More information from the website of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: