Flight information and travel options for returning to Estonia

Many passenger transport companies have reduced the numbers of departures or even cancelled departures, but there are still travel options available for returning to Estonia. All travellers must remember that restrictions imposed  by many countries can become even stricter or be extended at very short notice, so there will be fewer options for travelling.

According to the information available to the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, current travel options for returning to Estonia are the following:

  • Malta (Ryanair) – according to current information regular flights will be suspended from 21.03. Estonians can join an AirBaltic flight to Riga departing from Malta on 20 March at 2:50 pm; to reserve a seat call +371 67107771.
  • From Malaga, Spain a Nordica special flight, register for the flight here: www.nordica.ee/lendamekoju
  • Berlin (Ryanair)
  • UK:
    • London (Ryanair, Easyjet) – see also: flight from Norwichist.
    • Norwich-Stockholm-Tallinn (Nordica), 21 March, information: www.nordica.ee/lendamekoju
    • Edinburgh (Ryanair)
  • Frankfurt (Lufthansa) – up to 31.03
  • Istanbul (Turkish Airlines) – it is possible to fly from 19.03 until 26.03, flights are suspended from 27.03 until 17.04
  • Copenhagen (SAS) – although Danish borders are closed for foreigners, Estonians are allowed to transit through Copenhagen
  • Minsk (Belavia) – next flights 19.03, 26.03, 28.03
  • Moscow (Aeroflot) – up to 19.03 inclusive. The Moscow-Tallinn train will suspend operations on 20.03
  • Pahphos (Ryanair)
  • Stockholm (SAS)
  • Weeze (Ryanair)
  • Passenger ferries between Helsinki and Tallinn continue to operate. At present Tallink continues to operate vessels between Estonia and Finland according to a changed Schedule, but passengers are urged to check that they have the right to enter the destination country, before purchasing a ticket. Passengers should monitor the ferry operators’ websites for the latest information from  Tallink, Eckerö Line or Viking Line.
  • Tallink has announced that its vessel Star will start to operate between Sassnitz, Germany and Paldiski, Estonia departing from Paldiski every other day at 20.00 local time and from Sassnitz every other day at 19.00 local time. The first trip will take place from Tallinn to Sassnitz today, 19 March at 18.00 local time. The duration of the journey is approximately 20 hours. The vessel accommodates 100 lorries and 10 passenger vehicles and the ship can take 330 passengers. Only passengers with vehicles and those who have the right to enter the destination country, will be allowed to travel, providing the vessel has capacity for passengers in addition to cargo. Passengers without vehicles will not be allowed to travel. The vessel will prioritise transport of food and medical supplies. All passengers will be accommodated in cabins. Bookings for Star can be made via the Tallink Cargo Estonian call centre:  [email protected] or +372  612 8686.
  • There are no direct flights from Italy to Estonia. As of 20 March 2020 it is possible to fly from Rome Fiumicino to Berlin, Munich, Brussels, Zürich or Geneva. From Milan Malpensa one can fly to Frankfurt or Munich, from Venice to Köln or Frankfurt. 

In partnership with the Estonian company AlphaGIS the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also created a new digital overview map with the current transit options available when returning to Estonia (valid at 19.03.2020 at 9.00AM). This can be found here: https://bit.ly/3b0Sv4S.

Estonians returning from abroad must self-isolate at home for a period of 14 days. The aim of the self-isolation is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to remind all Estonian residents that non-essential travel should be avoided where possible, even is the travelling is allowed. Additionally, all travellers must monitor their health.

Please also read our frequently asked questions (FAQ): https://vm.ee/en/coronavirus-2019-ncov