Estonian designer Triin Kärblane participating in Milan Fashion Week

NYMF is the first Estonian fashion brand to be invited to Milan Fashion Week.


Triin Kärblane, founder and designer of NYMF, is the first Estonian fashion designer to be invited to participate in Milan Fashion Week – one of the most important haute couture events of the year, which starts in the world’s fashion capital Milan today, 19 February.

According to Kärblane, the invitation from the organisers of Milan Fashion Week was a huge surprise. “While in the world of fashion preparation for such events usually takes years, for NYMF everything happened completely unexpectedly – we were selected as one of the five brands that received an invitation for participation in the Emerging Talents show. The short time for preparation was a challenge, but in creating our brand and our dresses we have always waited for such an opportunity,” said Kärblane.

Emerging Talents Show is an event that takes place as a part of Milan Fashion Week, introducing rising stars of fashion to the public. Only five designers whose works have attracted the attention of fashion gurus are invited to participate. NYMF received a unique opportunity to show ten of its dresses on the catwalk and to open its own pop-up boutique for two days. Competition for participating in Milan Fashion Week is fierce – promising new brands take part in the event alongside already world-famous brands such as Laura Biagiotti, Prada, Gucci, Moschino, Versace, Giorgio and Emporio Armani, Atsushi Nakashima, and Fendi.

The show of the rising stars, which will bring NYMF and other newcomers to the catwalk, will take place as a part of Milan Fashion Week on Saturday, 22 February at 18:00 Estonian time (17:00 Italian time):

NYMF attracted the attention of the organisers of Milan Fashion Week during the popular Tallinn Fashion Week, where designer Triin Kärblane presented her “Portaal” collection for the first time. Triin noted that her collection gives any woman the opportunity to unveil ancient mystical femininity: “None of the dresses of the “Portaal” collection is just a dress, and every woman who has discovered the power of a goddess in herself through NYMF can confirm that. Every dress has its own character and purpose, just like a different facet of a goddess.”

On the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week located in the luxurious Visconti Palace, NYMF will yet again present its “Portaal” collection and invite the audience to discover the entire spectrum of appearances of a goddess. Speaking about the collection, Triin Kärblane uses magical words: “It brings to mind a metamorphosis, when a nymph who has been hiding from the world takes the shape of a fragile yet strong dragonfly. All this also describes a recent transformation of myself and my brand. The dragonfly symbolises a messenger and a guide between two worlds – visible and invisible, real and illusory.”

“The “Portaal” collection combines bright unearthly elements with more earthly ones, it combines a feminine softness and flexibility with a rustic power, being a bridge between the mystical moon and bright sun, creating an ideal balance and harmony. NYMF makes invisible goddesses visible. As on the catwalk, so inside every woman,” added Kärblane.

Photographs of the NYMF “Portaal” collection:

Programme of Milano Fashion Week:

NYMF is an international fashion brand founded in Estonia, the goal of which is to help women discover their powers through the magical language of dresses. The story of NYMF is a very personal one – it is a tale about the metamorphic journey of Triin Kärblane, the designer herself, in which a fragile young nymph evolves into a powerful dragonfly goddess over 13 years and 36 collections. This journey has been all about opening doors into different worlds that in turn lead to deeply profound shamanic quests and enchantingly divine palaces, giving her a chance to experience a whole spectre of feminine archetypes, icons and goddesses within herself and to absorb their power and wisdom.

This journey has been incredibly beautiful, fascinating, venturesome, playful, extreme and enriching. But at times also destructive, much like a purgatory. The most important part has been Triin’s unwavering dedication to staying true to her own path, not letting herself be provoked by widespread fashion trends, slowly creating her very own NYMF world one dress at a time.

You can also follow the event on Instagram (@emerging.talents.milan) and Facebook (@emerging.talents.milan).


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Photo: NYMF at least year’s Tallinn Fashion Week, photo by Erlend Štaub.

Press release 19 February 2020